Tiny // Newborn session // Baby Elliott Farmer August 2014

I met baby Elliott on Saturday morning at his home with his Mom and Dad, and Scout (the furry sister.) It was so great to see this family again. Elliott put up a pretty good fight, but we eventually won and he was out for the count. He is just as precious, and squishy, and wonderful as you're thinking he is! Mom and Dad are doing an amazing job as first time parents, and with life in general. Such a beautiful family! 

Tiny // Newborn twins session // Goodhew babies June 2014

The Goodhew twins made their way into this world about 4 weeks ago, but we waited for them to plump-up a little bit before their photo debut. They were still tiny and precious, even 4 weeks later! Baby Addison was awake and kept her eyes open almost the entire time, while baby Jaxon hardly ever opened his eyes. I'm so excited for this little family of 5 (if you include the puppy) to begin their new life together!