CARROLLTON, TX PHOTOGRAPHER // Reality // A Personal Post // Merry Christmas 2014

I'm pretty sure I got my love for antiques from my momma. I'm not as big as a collector of them as she is, mainly because our house isn't decorated that way, but I love visiting my parents' house because they are ridden with gorgeous, timeless pieces that have been passed down in our family, or pieces my mom has gathered over the years.

I've been looking for the perfect monogrammed necklace for a good year or two, and when I saw this piece in my mom's shop, I knew this was it. It's an antique piece of jewelry from 1932 and a jeweler down the street in downtown New Braunfels was willing to monogram it for me. I could not be happier with how it turned out! These photos were taken in my mother's home, which could pass as a fine gift and antique shop on its own. Merry Christmas to me!