Reality // A Personal Post // An afternoon at sea...

We took our Little Lady out on the canoe today for the first time. She had been begging us to go on the "ship," as she calls it for several weeks, ever since we told her we'd bought a canoe. Brian was a genius this morning when he decided to give her canoeing lessons on the bar stools. These came in handy when we were on the water and he didn't have time to explain the technique she should use. 

As usual, there were many squeals, grunts, and giggles coming from the back of the boat. I think it's safe to say that this was her favorite part of our visit by far.

Also...we may or may not have killed a raccoon while we were out. I saw the nasty thing swimming in the water, then it disappeared, and then right when we came upon the spot where he was swimming, we heard (and felt) a loud thud from underneath the canoe! GROSS!!!