There are many ways to build a family. For some, it’s as simple as even thinking about throwing out that last “pill” or planning a weekend trip overseas. :) For some families, however, growing a family would never be described as something “simple.” It is my desire to bless adoptive and foster-to-adopt families with something simple, free, and extremely valuable – a custom photo session to capture the most important event that will ever take place in your family. It is my intention to offer at least one adoptive families a free photo session every year. I’ve recently applied to become a participating adoption photographer at Red Thread Sessions, but I’m hoping to bless as many families as possible, whether they are registered with RTSs or not.

Have you recently adopted a child, or are you planning to adopt in the near future? I’d be honored and humbled if you’d allow me to be a part of your family’s journey during this special time in your life. Being a Fostermom myself, I can only dream of the day that my husband and I will find our “forever” children and find someone else to capture our family!